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TREND on Tuesday - Crazy Christmas Trees

What is going on with Christmas trees these days?  There are some crazy shapes, crazy colors and crazy decorations!  I like traditional but I have to give props to those with daring and creative souls.  Visiting broker opens, real estate holiday parties and especially homes for sale and listings here in Louisville, I have the pleasure of seeing numerous styles of holiday trees.  Some take my breath away and some make me wonder "what the heck are they thinking?" 

Here are some pictures of my favorites along with my scrooge-like, smart-alec comments:

1) The Upside-Down Christmas Tree

Really, who came up with this idea?  Was someone hanging upside-down in their family room one day and came up with this trend? 

2) The "My Wife Wants this Christmas Tree" Tree

Sookee jewelry created the world’s most expensive Christmas diamond tree. It is studded with thousands of dazzling diamonds, a total of 913 kt, 3762 exquisite crystal beads, and with 500 lights. The estimated value of it is about $1,550,000. Sorry, but it's a no-go on this one Ashley . . .

3) Pretty in Pink

My daughter would absolutely LOVE to have this in our house.  Kinda neat if you are into Pink!  I even saw a black tree here at the Keller Williams Realty office yesterday on one of my colleagues desk.

4)  Books, Books and more Books

This is such a cool, creative and inexpensive way to decorate.  How neat would this be in a home office or school classroom?  Plus, who doesn't want to encourage reading? This could be my favorite unique tree of all!

5)  The Wine and Wood Christmas Tree

Kinda different - okay, very different, but it grabbed my attention.  I could see this in a Louisville home for sale in a wine room or near a wet bar.  Definitely a conversation piece.  Also, what a trivial concept?  A Christmas tree made of wood!  haha

6)  The "Lets Eat the Christmas Tree"

Of course what home doesn't have one?  A tree made of food.  Whether it be fruit, veggies or chocolate, not only is it delectible but very pleasing to the eye and belly. 

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#1 Posted by Shelly Junuzovic at 12/10/2012 5:54 PM
I usually put up a Barbie tree and my girls absolutely lobe it!

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