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The 'BEFORE' and the 'AFTER'

Many of us know and love the "Before" pictures as compared to the "After" pictures especially if the after is a major improvement!  Whether it be a fashion makeover, significant weight loss or an entire home makeover, the reveal of the before and after is always anticipated.  As for a house, what impact do improvements REALLY have when you are selling your home?  Is the time and the extra money REALLY worth it?

Of course, selling a home with everything up-to-date and with the latest and greatest cabinetry, tile, fixtures, etc. is ideal but many folks don't have the time and/or the money to change everything.  Therefore, many buyers must be saavy about what they choose to update.  So if you are tight on money and time, what are your best options?  Many realtors like myself will agree, the walls and floors of a home for sale are the foundations of making it appealing for buyers.  Fresh, up-to-date colors of paint on the walls along with clean and sensible flooring will attract more buyers.

I want to share a true story of a couple in which we just sold their home for sale here in Louisville Ky.  Mr. & Mrs. Smith (we will call them) had previously had their home for sale on the market for over six months.  For the Louisvile market the home is in a middle-class, family oriented, sought after area of town and in a moderate price range.  One of their rooms looked much like the picture to the right.  The listing had expired so I called the owners hoping for a conversation to explain the benefits of listing their home with The Jimmy Welch Team.  I spoke with Mr. Smith and long story short, set up a listing appointment at the house.  I was curious to find out why he only had a handful of showings in over six months.  I also noticed the pictures on the MLS (Multiple Listing System) could be improved.

I quickly realized the Smith's had one of two choices.  Either lower their price by $10,000 with no improvements OR keep the price the same but paint all the walls and redo about half of the flooring.  The total cost of the improvements would be about $5,000.  After much thought, Mr. Smith decided to go through with the updates.  Great News!  In just two weeks the home was ready to list and then SOLD in just 15 days after it was listed!!!  The Smith's were estatic.

Also, I am a firm believer in quality pictures on the MLS system.  After the Smith's home was painted and nice flooring installed, the pictures potential buyers now viewed were irresistible.  A huge improvement which attracted realtors to show it and buyers to embrace it when walking through.  The before compared to the after was amazing.

Thinking of selling your home or have had your home on the market way too long?  Not sure what cosmetic improvements if any need to be done? Call me at 502-439-1404 and I will be glad to meet with you and suggest a game plan. 


The Jimmy Welch Team can turn your "BEFORE" into SOLD . . .



About The Jimmy Welch Team:

Offering more than 25 years of combined real estate experience, The Jimmy Welch Team is a Louisville KY real estate company providing a wide range of services. Covering Louisville KY as well as the surrounding areas of Bullitt, Oldham and Shelby Counties, the company assists home sellers and home buyers in making their transactions run smoothly.  Customers can call The Jimmy Welch Team at 502-554-9533 or visit us at



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